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While freedom of association is necessary for people to live happy lives, the freedom to dissociate from each other is just as important.  Whether a person wants to separate from a zygote, embryo, fetus, child, parent, husband, politician, or rapist is irrelevant—either she is free from those who unilaterally place a claim on her, or she is owned by them.

You will never be at peace with people if you continue to advocate the initiation of physical force against them, and your image of helping babies will not change this fact.  Birth control means a person does not want to have a child, and sometimes involves abortion.  Why do you want to force her to give birth?  I wish people could see how much damage they can do by forcing someone to have a child against her will.

Maybe the most important decision of a person’s life—taken away by those who say they want to protect human life.  What about the adult female’s life?  We know we have a fully functioning human being here!  What she wants to do with her life; what kind of a career; whether to have a child; when to have any; with whom; and on and on and on.

It’s interesting when some people show so much compassion for a one-celled “fertilized egg” and so little for a 100 trillion-celled adult.  A psychiatrist should be able to help those who thirst for such power over another human being!  How can we abuse her for any reason—especially by giving preference to a portion of her own body?

I am pro-life for adults.  My intent is to ensure that everyone can gain the mental and physical health benefits of sex while reducing the concerns of an unwanted pregnancy.  I just want everyone to have the same birth control as homosexuals—why should they have all the fun?

Anarchy (an=without + arkhos=leader) has a fatal flaw in that there is no final judge of contract disputes.  Of course putting that power in the hands of one person is dangerous, so over the years we have developed separation of powers (e.g., elections, legislative, executive and judicial); checks and balances (e.g., constitution and amendments).  To destroy government is fortunately the plan of only a few, who don’t see the great political achievements of our ancestors. 

The word “bank” comes from the bank of a river—where people would bury their valuables.  This was “non-fractional reserve banking:” All their money was right where they left it.

Fortunately one of our ancestors invented fractional reserve banking.  Others learned, and they too loaned a fraction of their money, and charged interest for assuming the risk of not being paid back.  The better bankers would draw up a contract to lay claim to the borrower’s assets (house, tools, etc.) if a breach occurred.

Eventually bankers would pay interest for the use of other people’s money, and also loan it out—of course charging more to the borrowers than paying out to the depositors.  Everyone profits by doing business with wise bankers—and poorer bankers can either learn or go into another line of work.

Federal Reserve banks are private banks that in 1913 joined with our government to accomplish its banking needs.  The problems started when the old parties FORCED all national banks into their system.  We need alternatives if our politicians make poor choices—which happen every now and then.

Currency was invented as an easy way to conduct small transactions, and represents just a couple percent of the amount of money people have in banks.  You can get all your money in cash (your bank would just order more in their nightly deposits when it balances its account with all the other banks).  Most people find this just as impractical as buying gold or silver as a medium of exchange.  Currency can change in value—just like any other thing that is traded. 

To the degree that people enjoy life, they work to prolong it.  Soon after wealth is created, folks see a real need to protect it.  Their survival depends on having this reserve to draw on between the successful periods in each person’s life.

Government is the best way to defend one’s property.  Ideally, each person will find a politician on the ballot at every level of government who will do a great job of preserving everyone’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  This business plan is designed to reach this ideal state.

Why create wealth if you cannot defend it?  You probably will see it used to destroy things you love.  For those who take life seriously, if there is no one worthy on the ballot, you must offer your services.

Does this mean that all people must completely abandon their first love, whether it is architecture or engineering or anything else, and try to get elected for what might be the rest of their lives?  No, but a reasonable alternative is warranted.

Unlike other ventures, where it would be wise to start out as a bus driver, and get the education and skills necessary to become the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an international transportation corporation, government is different.

Since the voters elect our nation’s CEO or President, starting at the top is sensible if your ideas are better than the other candidates.  Our federal constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any fundamental improvement must start there, to be applied to the entire nation.

What if someone comes along who earns your vote?  Run for President yourself and relieve that person to run for Vice-President; then Senator of his or her state; then the House of Representatives.  (Candidates do not have to reside in the district they represent.)

Eventually, there will be enough people who understand the role of government in our nation so that each in our turn can leave it in the hands of those who follow.  Finally we will all benefit when people can return to their first love--full time.

The main problem that this plan addresses is saving all the money, time and energy that many people waste on supporting bad candidates who end up hurting the cause of liberty.  When people run for office and are not elected, they can, with a clear conscience, return to their work with renewed vigor, and not be bothered by fear or guilt.

One model I enjoyed watching was an electricians union at a ship yard in Gdansk, Poland.  They refused to work unless they were allowed to vote for one of their own.  The country elected Lech Walesa for President by over seventy percent after feeling they might get around ten percent.  Running for office has many great personal advantages--and maybe some global advantages as well.  Thanks for your efforts to defend my freedom,

The old parties have changed their fear tactics from “global warming” to “climate change,” and when I was growing up, it was the next ice age!

Several professors recently presented their arguments at the University of California in Los Angeles.  Most people don’t consider the biggest factor (by an overwhelming degree), which is our star (sun).  The other planets show this same warming—and cooling.

The data shows carbon dioxide (CO2) levels FOLLOW the changes in our sun’s intensity.  Of course they went on the say that CO2 is not a pollutant and as it increases, all the vegetation on our planet proportionally increases the production of OXYGEN.  Research shows CO2 levels would have to double many times over just to reach the optimal levels for plant growth.

Our earth is billions of years old (and is still middle aged) so we have the time to calmly consider any actions by those who might harm the property of others.  Of course our government should have to bring its evidence in front of a jury, and prove its claims.  Enjoy your life—the universe is a very hospitable place because we evolved here.

Like my attorney-friend recently tweeted:  Why should Apple Corporation only have to pay four-hundred-dollars to bring a billion-dollar contract to court?  A ten-million-dollar annual premium would be more in line as to the value the American people have created in our justice system.  Of course, we know this fixed cost of doing business will be passed along by all corporations to their customers—but what could be fairer than everyone pays to the degree that they benefit from our government?

Citizens could decide what level of government would best satisfy their contract insurance (CI) needs.  If all the property involved was local, they probably would deal with local courts, etc.  This would set up a healthy competition with the city, county, state and national governments—of course with our supreme court still overseeing the cases.  Also, this would morally raise the funds necessary to operate government.

Many of the biggest buildings are owned by insurance companies, and the industry is very successful because most people’s fears exceed what really happens in their lives.  A smart way to allay these fears is to buy insurance; moreover, after our supreme court passes judgment on a case, attorneys advise their clients as to the probable outcome of their case, so most settle out of court—further increasing the profitability of CI

Wise politicians would use these profits to protect their customers.  While everyone should continue to be able to own weapons to protect themselves, a capable military and police would ensure that everyone would feel safe doing business with each other—thus buying more CI.

A corporation (corpus=body) was invented to limit the liability of its owner.  It can be sued up to its value, while its owner’s other properties are protected.  This was a great boon to the number of people going into business because they didn’t fear losing everything they owned (like their home and child’s food) if their business failed.

Since no one was forced to do business with corporations, their resounding success meant that most people voted with their dollars to elect them to prosper in our economy.  Unfortunately the old parties are extorting more and more money from them by taxation, and punishing those who speak out (IRS audits, etc.)—while not bothering those who just raise their prices and take the blame for our economic woes.

Many corporations “donate” to both the old parties (more extortion) just trying to survive the next round of regulations.  With the recent Supreme Court ruling that recognizes their right to spend their money in the political realm of our economy, we would be wise to at least not attack them without proof of wrong-doing.  Announcing that we will defend every American’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness would be better yet!