Contract Insurance
What is an image?
Atlas Shrugged?
Uninsured Property?
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1 = Answer #1, A1 = Letter A1, ad1 = advertisement 1 [first page]

abortion, 18,E2

advertise, A1, G2, AV2, BS14, CL1

apology, CA2, CB2, CC2

Atlas Shrugged, 8, 14

belief, 6, 8, L4, AJ3

capitalism, 8, S2, AP2, BW10, CA4

Constitution, ad1, Z2, BW16

contract insurance, ad1, 9-12, 23, AD2

Darwin, Charles, 7, L3

defense, D2, I2, P2

emotion, 4, 8, 16, AR4, BS19

epistemology, 7, BW14

evolution, 7

father, 7

freedom, E6, M8

God, 7, 8

government, ad1, 8, 15, D4, F2, O2, P4

gratitude, CF2, CH2, CI2

human, 7, 11, D8, E12, AP2

I, 7, 17-22, V2, Z4, AX2, BI2, BR2, DL4

image, 2

law, BW7

Libertarian, 22, H2, DH2, DI-DK, DN4

military, 13

mind, 7, D6

mother, 4

nation, ad1, 11

natural selection, 7

Objectivist, 7, 14, W2, AA2, AR5, CY2,

persuade, BS2, BX1

philosophy, 8, C2, M10, S3

programs, 15, 20, M12

property, 1, 9, 19, K2, M6

Rand, Ayn, 7, 16, AC2, CN2

right, E10, M14

rob, ad1, 11, F4

separate, 8, E4, BS26

socialism, M4

sound, 3

tax, ad1, 21, X2

thought, 5, 8, 16, CS4

trade, ad1, 9, E8, BS23E

union, BW12

unite, ad1, M2

United Nations, 13

word, 5


Questions in the ANSWERS section:

1.  How can a government operate without taxation?

2.  What is an image?

3.  What is a sound?

4.  What is an emotion?

5.  What is a thought?

6.  What is a belief?

7.  What am I ?

8.  What is the novel Atlas Shrugged about?

9.  1P4  Referring to answer number one (1) the fourth paragraph (P4):  What would happen to the property?

10.  1P3  What would be the price of a contract insurance policy?

11.  1P3  Could anyone else provide contract insurance?

12.  1P3  Who would insure the contracts between citizens and our government?

13.  ad1P5  Referring to the first advertisement (ad1) the fifth paragraph (P5) [first page]:  Would you send our military into another country?

14.  7P1  Are you an Objectivist?

15.  ad1P5  Would you abolish any government programs?

16.  8P11  What is the evidence that Rand's statement, "all his emotions, of course, are determined by his thinking," is false?

17.  ad1P5  What is your occupation and education?

18.  ad1P5  What is your stand on abortion?

19.  ad1P5  What is your stand on gun control?

20.  ad1P5  What is your opinion on social programs?

21.  ad1P5  What is your opinion of President Clinton?

22.  ad1P5  Are you a Libertarian?

23.  1P3  Is there a contract that our government would refuse to insure?


aging:  aiw = vital force, slowing of the growing process

animal:  anima = breath, life form after plant

answer:  and = against + swer = to speak, solution to problem

anxiety:  angr = distress, uneasiness

belief:  be = by + leubh = desire, mental image created with thoughts

brain:  bregma = forehead, central animal organ

business:  busi = occupied + ness = quality, work

cancer:  karkar = hard, undifferentiated cell growth

capitalism:  caput = head, trading political system

CEO:  Chief Executive Officer, head of a corporation

characteristic:  charattein = to engrave, quality

Constitution:  com = together + statuere = to set, our law

contract:  com = together + trahere = to draw, trade agreement

corporation:  corpus = body, trade union

court:  cohors = enclosure, judicial assembly

criminal:  ker = cry, one who robs others

defend:  de = away + fendere = to strike, protect property

differentiate:  dis = apart + ferre = to bring, separate

distinguishing:  dis = apart + steig = to prick, unique

economy:  oikos = house + nomos = managing, all trading in area

emotion:  e = out + movere = move, memory of a sensation

engineer:  en = in + gignere = to produce, builder

environment:  en = in + virer = to turn, surrounding area

epistemology:  epi = upon + histanai = stand + logy = study, thought

evidence:  e = from + videre = to see, something sensed

evolution:  e = out + volvere = to roll, a change in gene frequency

executive:  exsequi = to follow up, enforce the law

fear:  fer = sudden attack, remembered pain

freedom:  freo = glad + dom = state of being, not bothered by others

genetics:  gen = to produce, cellular differentiation

God:  ghau = to call out to, the first thinker

government:  gubernare = to direct + ment = means, electing protectors

growing:  ghro = grass, living

history:  histor = learned, statement of the past

human:  humus = earth + men = mind, us

I:  iota = a hand, self image

idea:  videre = to  see, thought

image:  imago = copy, likeness

immune:  in = without + mei = exchange, protected from harm

initiate:  in = into + ire = to go, start

insurance:  in = in + cura = care, protection against loss

integrate:  integrare = to make whole, unite

intellectual:  inter = between + legere = to gather, thinker

judicial:  jus = law + dicere = to say, settle disputes

knowledge:  kenna = to see, thoughts

law:  lag = something laid down, general agreement to what is right

lazy:  les = slack, not eager to work

legislative:  leg = to collect + latio = a bringing, create the law

life:  leib = body, distinguishing characteristic of plants and animals

love:  lubo = desire, remembered pleasure

marriage:  meri = young woman, meryo = young man, sexual union

measure:  me = to mark off, the amount or comparison of things

military:  miles = soldier, those hired to stop large attacks

mind:  men = to think, human brain

nation:  natus = born, protection union

natural selection:  naturalis = by birth, se = apart + legere = to choose, the prosperity of the adaptable

peace:  paciscere = to agree, undisturbed

persuade:  per = very + swad = sweet, sell an idea

philosophy:  philos = loving + sophos = wise, one's ideas

police:  polis = city, those hired to stop criminals

politician:  polis = city, one who studies human relationships

prison:  prehendere = to take, cell

property:  proprius = one's own,  one's body and environment

quality:  qualis = of what kind, basic nature

quantity:  quam = how much, measurement of a quality

rational:  ratus = to think, showing reason

reality:  rei = thing, that which we sense

reason:  re = to fit, thinking

relationship:  re = back + ferre = to carry, connection

repress:  re = back + pre = to strike, stop

restrict:  re = back + ster = rigid, stop

retaliate:  re = back + talio = punishment in kind, stop attack

revolutionary:  re = back + volvere = to roll, great improvement

right:  reg = straight, that which promotes human life

rob:  reu = tear apart, move another's property without permission

science:  scire = to know, knowledge

sensation:  sentire = to feel, our response to our contact with reality

separate:  se = apart + parare = to arrange, divide

socialism:  socius = companion, sharing political system

sound:  swonos = noise, vibrations that stimulate auditory nerves

species:  specere = to see, those that can interbreed

suppress:  sub = under + pre = to strike, postpone

system:  syn = together + histanai = stand, things connected to form unit

tax:  tag = to touch, rob

technology:  tekth = build, applied science

thing:  tenk = period of time, subject of discussion

think:  tongere = to know, process that creates thought

thought:  tong = to think, mental image of a quality or quantity

trade:  trada = trail, to exchange

truth:  drew = tree, idea which is an image of reality

unit:  unus = one, many things which function as one

universe:  unus = one + vertere = to turn, everything


The Intellectual Activist

[Mailed to subscribers, not printed in publication.  I was introduced and given space to write:]

I am a politician who would like to persuade you that we need to add the following amendment to our Constitution:  Our government will not tax.  After working many years on an idea called contract insurance, I have discovered a way to operate our government without taxation.  If you would like to read my forty page booklet, I am happy to mail it to you.  I have subscribed to The Intellectual Activist since it began and I also will respect your privacy.  Thanks for your consideration, Dave



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Although you probably know that your life began when two cells united, do you know that those who create a nation are continuing a long history of things that unite?  Atoms unite and form a molecule; molecules unite and form a cell; cells unite and form a person; and people unite to form a nation.  After billions of years of uniting on earth, we are the first units to develop a brain that can understand what is going on...  I will be glad to send you the rest of my proposal.  From:  David Hollist, constitution



As a Libertarian presidential candidate, I would like to persuade you that we need to add the following amendment to our constitution:


After working many years on an idea called contract insurance, I have discovered a way to operate our government without taxation.  Please contact me for a free 2 page prospectus or my 20 page booklet is only $2 (including postage and tax).  Thanks.

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Dave Hollist 909-980-4198


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